3 Signs It’s Time to Visit Your MA Tire Shop

3 Signs It’s Time to Visit Your MA Tire Shop

With winter closing in on us, this is the perfect time of year to give those neglected tires the TLC they deserve.  With snow-covered roads and ice ahead, you want to be sure you’re vehicle is on the road, not in a ditch. As your premier tire shop in MA, our experts have created this helpful list highlighting a few warning signs of worn tires.


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Check Out Your Tread

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you need new tires is to measure your tread.  As the one component between you and the road, your tires are imperative to driving safety.  In Massachusetts, the legal tread limit is 2/32 inches.  If your tires are pretty much bald, you already know it’s time to schedule a visit with our team!  However, if you still can see tread, here’s a trick for easy measuring.

With a penny, insert Lincoln’s head upside down in between two rows of the tread.  If you can see all of his head, your tread is below the required 2/32 limit, and it is time to replace the tire.  However, if the penny covers only a portion of his head, you’re tires should be okay.  Keep in mind that tires don’t wear evenly.  With routine tire rotations, you should be in good shape. However, it’s always best to have them professionally inspected.


Signs of Damage

If there are visible signs of damage on any part of the tire, you should have them looked at right away.  Damage can happen from several reasons from misalignment to object embedded in the wall.  Our team can advise you if tire repair or replacement is the best solution.


Wheel Vibration or Pulling

Another sign that there’s something not quite right with your tires lies within the car’s handling.  As a driver, you must pay attention to what is typical for your vehicle.  If you start noticing that the handling doesn’t feel right, the chance is, there’s something wrong with your tires.  Again, misalignment or unbalanced tires may be the cause.  However, there could also be more significant underlying factors that need attention.


If any of these signs hold true for your vehicle, it’s time to stop into Framingham Tire & Auto Repair.  Founded in 1982, we base our company on trust and honesty.  Our team will put your safety, and budget, before anything else.  With a variety of top-name brand tires, you can be sure you leave with the best tires to get you through the winter.  Stop by the premier tire shop in MA, or give us a call today 508.872.0172.

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