Auto Repair MA: Repairing Bent Rims

Auto Repair MA: Repairing Bent Rims

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Have you ever hit a pothole too hard and then felt your car driving strangely? If you don’t have a flat tire, you have probably damaged one of your wheel rims. Luckily, this damage is easy to spot and possible to fix. If one of your rims is bent, you can see the change in the shape of the wheel. In that case, you need to bring your car to Framingham Tire for auto repair in MA. We’ll straighten out your wheels and have you back on the road.

Here’s what can happen if you drive with a bent rim and how we fix it when you bring your car to us for auto repair in MA.


What if I drive on a bent rim?

It may not seem like a big deal to drive your car when one of the rims is slightly bent, but it can actually cause more damage. The vibrations can cause problems with your axles or damage your tires and driveshaft. Your car is designed to drive on evenly balanced wheels, so if one is damaged somehow, it throws everything out of whack.


How do you fix a bent rim?

There are multiple ways to repair a bent rim, but the cold roller method and heat are the two most common. At Framingham Tire, we always use heat when customers come to us for this type of auto repair in MA. You should be wary if a mechanic says that they are going to use the cold roller method. Cold rollers beat the rim until it is back to its proper shape. The problem with this method is that it leaves the metal weaker.

Heat is the preferred method for straightening bent rims. In this method, we remove the tire and heat the rim for the inside to soften the metal. Once the metal is soft enough to manipulate, we bend the rim back into its original shape. Heating the metal is the better method because you can control the heat better than you can control the impact of cold force.


Auto Repair MA at Framingham Tire

If your car has bent or damaged rims, come to Framingham Tire! Our customers have trusted us with their auto repair in MA for 40 years. Our expert technicians will have your car or truck repaired and back on the road in no time.


Contact us at 508-872-5600 for fleet services and auto repair in MA.

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