Why You Need Us For Fleet Services in MA

Why You Need Us For Fleet Services in MA

If you’re a business owner who services the needs of others via transportation methods, the use of a vehicle fleet could provide several benefits to your company. Whether you choose to purchase the vehicles outright or lease them, having multiple vehicles on the road will ensure your deliveries are as promised. However, by owning a fleet of vehicles, you’ll also own a fleet of maintenance. Because routine upkeep and repairs can add up quickly, it’s critical to find a local auto repair shop that will work with your budget. Proving fleet services to MA and NH, Framingham Tire is fast becoming the go-to for many local business owners. Here’s why!



Here at Framingham Tire, we have a team of experts that can provide your fleet years of experience. What this means to you is a cost-friendly, time-saving solution. Not only can we recommend needed services, but we can get your vehicles back on the road within an acceptable timeframe. We understand that time is money; that is why we will efficiently and accurately perform your fleet automotive repairs and maintenance without the hassle.



When it comes to your fleet, versatility is essential. Whether you’re operating a taxi company, car rental shop, or managing local transportation, chances are you have vehicles of different sizes. For instance, a car rental service may provide a smaller option such as a Honda Fit. At the same time, the same company may have commercial vans available for moving or delivery needs. Thus, you have two different very different vehicles that will be driven and used differently; then having different needs. At Framingham Tire, we can provide the service your fleet needs regardless of size. From tractor-trailers to the Honda Fit, we have the expertise to keep your fleet up to par.



One of the reasons that people keep coming back to us is the customer support they receive. Our team, although busy, will take the time to meet with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feeling like you’re the only customer around will leave you with the peace of mind that your needs have been heard. And we promise they will be met!


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With over thirty years of experience, consider the team at Framingham Tires for all of your fleet services in MA and NH. Visit us online for more information, or give us a call at (508) 872-0172.

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