Does an Exhaust Leak Warrant Auto Repair?

Does an Exhaust Leak Warrant Auto Repair?

No matter what make of vehicle you drive, your exhaust system is comprised of various components. With each component serving a unique purpose, deciding on auto repair in Framingham, MA, can sometimes be a confusing process. Understanding your exhaust system as a whole will help you to determine the urgency of repair needs.


Catalytic Converter

Helping to reduce air pollution, the catalytic converter turns harmful carbon monoxide into environmentally safe vapors. However, if failing, this component will generally not cause a vehicle to fail inspection/emission testing.


Cylinder Heads

An integral part of your vehicle, a cracked cylinder head can result in significant damage to your engine. If you’re noticing unusual drops in oil or coolant levels, you’ll want to be sure to have your vehicle checked out by your trusted auto professionals as soon as possible.


Exhaust Joints

Holding your exhaust system in place, it’s not uncommon for joints to loosen or crack. There are four types of exhaust joints: U-bolt, V-band clamps, ball and socket, and flat band. No matter which component may be in question, the repair is generally easy and necessary. Without the exhaust joints, your exhaust system will disconnect from the vehicle.


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Exhaust Manifold

Bolted directly into the engine block, the exhaust manifold helps to minimize heat, air, and harmful gases. Excessive engine noise, a sudden decrease in power, or a drop in fuel-efficiency may all be signs that your manifold needs a little TLC.



Many people don’t realize that the exhaust system runs from the front to the back of your vehicle. To keep all of the pieces in place, hangers are utilized. Without hangers, your exhaust pipe or tailpipe may end up dragging on the ground.


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Possibly the most well-known pieces of your exhaust is the muffler. Also, one of the most obvious elements to announce its need for auto repair! A failing muffler is loud. While some may choose to invest in aftermarket parts to increase the noise, be cautious of your town or city by-laws.



Although there are several more pieces to the puzzle, this is a brief overview of your exhaust system. Because each component intertwines with another, it’s imperative that you consider auto repair in Framingham, MA, at Framingham Tires at the first signs of unusual noises or performance.

If you think your exhaust system may need some TLC, give our team a call today at (508) 872-5600 to schedule your exhaust maintenance appointment!

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