4 Ways to Keep Your Fleet On the Road

4 Ways to Keep Your Fleet On the Road

If your business relies upon a fleet of vehicles to stay up and running, then you know the importance of keeping them on the road. When even one vehicle is taken out of the lineup, your business feels the impact. Thus, setting strict guidelines and sticking to them is a must for smooth sailing. Part of that comes with having a team that provides superior fleet services in MA.

At Framingham Tire, we’re dedicated to protecting your fleet with the highest quality services.  You have enough to worry about day in and day out when running a business; the integrity of your vehicles shouldn’t be one. With these simple tricks, you can have peace of mind that your vehicles are working for you.


Create a preventative maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance is essential for any vehicle.  However, when it comes to a fleet that is constantly on the road, maintenance is even more critical. Normal wear and tear happens, but staying on top of the basic requirements will ensure that your fleet performs as you need it to be. Talk to your trusted mechanic about creating a plan and schedule unique to the driving habits of your fleet. Be sure this is something you can stick to!


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Keep detailed service records.

A lot is going on day in and day out. So, knowing which vehicle has undergone which service can easily become confusing. Having detailed records can be a lifesaver should a question arise about a specific vehicle. While your mechanic should maintain this information, it’s always wise to have your own system.



Educate your drivers.

By holding your drivers accountable, you can prevent unnecessary wear and tear to your fleet.  For example, excessive or hard braking, frequent accelerations within a short distance, idling, and so on can add to repair and fuel costs.  By making small investments, there’s software available that can help you track the driving habits of your workers.


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Stay on top of your tires.

One of the best and quickest habits you can practice is checking the vehicle’s tire pressure. This simple task is easily performed by anyone and will help maintain fuel economy and the safest handling.


When it comes to fleet services in MA, stick with a name you can trust – Framingham Tires. For decades, we’ve helped business owners keep their vehicles where they belong – on the road!

To schedule your appointment, contact our shop today by calling (508) 872-5600.


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