What Happens When There’s A Hole In Your Muffler?

What Happens When There’s A Hole In Your Muffler?


So you’re starting to notice that your vehicle is louder than normal or something feels off. It very well could be your muffler or exhaust! Most drivers are unaware of how important your muffler is until something goes wrong. Of course, that’s what we’re here to talk about today! For expert exhaust and auto repair in Natick, Framingham Tire is your place to go! Let’s get into how your muffler is important to the overall health of your vehicle.


What does the muffler do?


Located at the rear and bottom of your vehicle, the muffler system is essential for managing vehicle emission levels and engine noises. They are made from steel and aluminum to protect from the high temperatures and chemicals released from the engine and exhaust system. The gases created from the engine make loud sound waves that were released. Therefore, the muffler is there to dampen the noises. Furthermore, it also prevents carbon monoxide from entering the cabin of your vehicle, which can be harmful to your health.


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What happens when there’s a hole?


A puncture or rust spot in your muffler can lead to damage or health issues that we touched upon above. There are a few noticeable changes or signs that can you can notice.


  1. The first thing you’ll notice is a loud noise coming from underneath your vehicle. The muffler, as we’ve gone over, dampens the noise from your engine’s gases. Therefore, the larger the hole in the muffler, the louder your vehicle will become. If extreme enough, it can even sound like backfiring!
  2. Second, exhaust leaks start to happen. The last thing you want is an exhaust leak pouring gases and carbon monoxide into your vehicle. After all, carbon monoxide is invisible and odor-free so you won’t even realize it’s there until too late.
  3. Lastly, exhaust emissions are regulated for a reason. A muffler with a hole leaks troublesome gases into the environment. So, it’s better for your health and community to take care of the issue before it gets worse!


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