It’s Time to Start Thinking Winter Tires

It’s Time to Start Thinking Winter Tires

Here in New England, there’s a common misconception that all-season tires are the same, if not better than winter tires.  However, as your trusted tire shop in Natick, MA, the team at Framingham Tires is here to set the record straight.  Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying all-season tires aren’t a great option, we’re just saying they’re not the same.  Here’s why:


Road conditions matter

One of the most significant differences in the performance between the two types of tires is based on the road conditions. Consumer Reports tests consistently show that winter/snow tires deliver better grip to start in snow, and stop on icy surfaces.  Winter tires offer an extra margin of performance over an all-season tire since they were built to grip the snow.  Click here to view Consumer Reports collected performance data on a range of brand name tires.  Not only have the two tires been tested on snowy roads, but icy and wet roads as well.


Better stopping response

Although we’re trained as drivers to leave more room between us and car in front of us during winter conditions, it doesn’t always happen.  Thus, the response ability of your vehicle to stop is a crucial consideration.  Stopping on time is the one thing that could possibly save you from a collision.  When tested, winter tires have proven to have a shorter stopping ability than all-season tires.  In fact, in many tests, the difference in distance was around thirty feet!


Superior traction features

Not only do winter tires have a better stopping response, but they’re more stable on unstable road surfaces.  Because of the superior traction features, your vehicle with “bite” into the road better than an all-season tire.  The unique tread pattern allows a more controlled handling experience.  Sure, you may slip and slide a little, but you’ll have an overall safer ride with less sliding and less snow build-up in the tire.


As a professional tire shop Natick MA, the team at Framingham Tire & Auto is here to help make your winter season a little safer.  Stop by today and let our experts walk you through the best winter tire options for your vehicle.  With Old Man Winter knocking at our door, don’t let time pass you by!  Visit us today at 240 Eliot Street in Ashland, MA.

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