Keep Your Fleet on the Road with Truck Repair in MA

Keep Your Fleet on the Road with Truck Repair in MA

If you maintain a fleet of trucks, keeping them in good repair and on the road is essential to running your business. In the event that one of your trucks needs unexpected repairs, that can throw off your schedule and disrupt your operations. While you can’t prevent everything that could do wrong, you can do a lot to stay ahead of your repair needs when you work with us at Framingham Tire. We can provide truck repair in MA to keep all your vehicles in good condition so you can run your business without indecent.

Here are some of the basic maintenance checks our technicians perform as part of truck repair in MA for your fleet.


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Check the Belts

There are a lot of moving parts in an engine, and many of them rely on belts to keep working. After a while, the drive belt or serpentine belt needs to be tightened or replaced. When the engine squeals upon starting up, that is usually a sign that the belt is loose. Cracks or tears in the belt are also signs that it should be replaced.


Replace the Battery

The batteries in your trucks last 3 to 5 years on average. You don’t want to wait until the battery dies and the engine won’t start to find out that you need to replace it. To avoid dead batteries, check them periodically to ensure that they can still hold a charge. You should also regularly clean the contacts so there are no difficulties starting the engine.


Replace Worn Out Brake Pads

Trucks are heavy vehicles, and you do not want inertia to take over if the brakes are inadequate. Brake pads generally last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. Check them regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and can continue to perform adequately.


truck repair ma

Keep Up with Basic Maintenance

Routine maintenance is key to extending the life of any vehicle. Don’t neglect any of these maintenance items:

  • Change the oil and filters
  • Check and reset the tire pressure
  • Replace the fuel filters
  • Replace old spark plugs
  • Flush the cooling system


Truck Repair in MA from Framingham Tire

It’s best to have a regular maintenance calendar for each vehicle in your fleet. Stagger the schedules so that you don’t have more than one truck off the road at the same time. To ensure that you never neglect truck repair in MA, set up your maintenance calendar with Framingham Tire.


Contact us at 508-872-5600 to learn more about truck repair in MA and all our services.

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