Knowing When It’s Time For New Tires

Knowing When It’s Time For New Tires

Whether you’re driving a family vehicle or looking for commercial tires in Ashland, MA, knowing the basics is a necessity. Understanding the telltale signs of deteriorating tires ensures your safety and keeps your vehicle on the road. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top three factors every driver needs to be familiar with when it comes to tire safety.

Tire tread

Chances are, even if you’re not a vehicle junkie, you’ve heard of tire tread. A bald tire is one of the most dangerous elements when it concerns vehicle handling and the ability to stop. With a simple penny, you can inspect the tread on your tires.

With President Lincoln’s head facing down towards the center of the tire, insert your penny into the grooves of your tire. Once inserted, carefully notice how much of Lincoln’s head is visible. If from his forehead down is visible, your tires are most likely fine. However, if you can see the top of his head, it’s time to head into your trusted tire retailer for a professional look.

Know the age of the tire

Regardless of the penny test, a tire can still have good tread but need replacement. For instance, cracks in the sidewall are common in tires reaching the end of their life. Most manufacturers recommend tire replacement at ten years – under normal driving conditions. If we’re talking about commercial tires, chances are, you’ll need more frequent replacement.

If you’re uncertain about the age of your current tires or drive more frequently than most, it’s always best to consult with a team of experts.

Environmental factors

The last category in understanding your tires falls into your habits and environment. As mentioned, more frequent driving will require more frequent tire replacements. However, other factors fall into this category as well. Extreme heat, ice and snow, potholes, and other unfavorable road conditions will all affect the longevity of your tires.

The best way to ensure the ultimate tire safety is to be aware of how your vehicle operates under normal conditions. Excess road noise, pulling, or visible signs of damage are sure signs that it’s time to visit our team at Framingham Tire. Specializing in commercial tires in Ashland, MA, and surrounding towns, you can have peace of mind that your safety is our mission.

Visit us today or call us at (508) 872-5600 to schedule your tire inspection.


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