MA Auto Repair: Get Better Gas Mileage This Summer

MA Auto Repair: Get Better Gas Mileage This Summer

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Summer driving season has begun, and everyone is paying close attention to gas prices. Gas prices are a concern at all times of the year, but the more you drive the more you notice what you’re paying at the pump. Still, we all have places to go this summer, so we’re looking for ways to make the gas in the tank last a little longer. At Framingham Tire & Auto Repair, keeping your vehicle running at its best, both when it comes into our shop for MA auto repair and when it’s on the road, is our priority.

Here are a few tips to help you get better gas mileage this summer from MA auto repair experts.


Brake and Accelerate Slowly

Are you the kind of driver who guns it as soon as the light turns green or comes screeching into a stop sign? In both those cases, you’re burning fuel unnecessarily. Stop accelerating and start braking when you are further away from a stop sign or red light and resume acceleration gently.


Keep Tires Inflated and Wheels Aligned

If your tires are not properly inflated, they can create drag. Properly inflated tires provide the optimal amount of surface area that is in contact with the road. Having enough tread on your ties is important, too, for the vehicle to have a good grip on the road.


Plan Your Route Carefully

Idling and sitting in stop-and-go traffic is terrible for your gas mileage. If you can, plan to leave outside of peak traffic hours and choose a route that will take you through the fewest stoplights and stops signs as possible. Most vehicles’ fuel efficiencies peak between 40 and 50 miles per hour, so try to choose a route where you can travel at those speeds if you have the option.


Use Cruise Control

If you find yourself on a stretch of lonely highway for a while, engage your cruise control. The cruise control can maintain a constant speed more effectively than you can, which will improve your fuel efficiency. If you can get a pre-paid pass for toll roads, you can also eliminate having to slow down at the toll booth.


MA Auto Repair at Framingham Tire & Auto

Although you won’t be able to dodge high gas prices all summer, you can fill up less often by driving efficiently. Following these tips won’t just save you money on gas, it will also save you on MA auto repair. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. But wear and tear is inevitable, so when you need MA auto repair, come to Framingham Tire & Auto.


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