3 Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Engine

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Engine

If you’re the owner of a diesel vehicle, you know that maintenance is a bit different than that of a gas powered vehicle. Elements that may not be as essential to a gas engine now hold great value with a diesel. However, with the proper care, your vehicle should outlive a gas operated engine, as well as provide you better gas mileage. Here at Framingham Tire, we provide auto repair in MA to all engine types as well as vehicles. Because of our level of expertise, we thought it may be helpful to share the top three tips we find helpful in keeping your diesel engine running at optimum levels.


Oil Changes

Often we’ll push our oil changes a few hundred miles beyond the recommended limit. However, when it comes to maintaining a diesel, you want to be sure to stay on schedule. In fact, oil changes are critical because of the high heat running motors. Following recommendations from the manufacturer is always a great starting point on monitoring mileage in between changes. However, your local mechanic can also provide ideal advice as the oil life will depend on how often the vehicle is driven.


One of the most essential needs of a diesel engine is coolant. Again, the high heat in these engines can cause unwanted, and extremely costly, situations if not properly attended to. Coolant will help your vehicle’s cooling system protect your diesel engine by running at optimal temperatures.


Protect Your Turbocharger

One element of a diesel that requires added attention is the turbocharger. Defined, the turbocharger is a device that increases an internal combustion engine’s efficiency and power output by forcing extra compressed air into the combustion changer. In other words, it increases your vehicle’s power and is very expensive to repair. Beyond regular oil changes, allowing your vehicle to sit idle for at least 30 seconds before shutting off the engine will help to prolong the life.



Overall, maintaining a diesel engine is a cheaper solution than a gas engine. However, if your vehicle is not correctly cared for, auto repair in MA for a diesel will cost a significant amount more. If you feel like your diesel may need some TLC, give Framingham Tire a call. Experts in diesel engine repair and maintenance, we can help to identify potential issues before they become major repairs. Call us today at (508) 872-5600 to schedule your appointment or visit us online for more information.

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