Massachusetts Tires: Winter vs. All-Season.

Massachusetts Tires: Winter vs. All-Season.

Living in New England, you know that the weather is unpredictable and constantly changing. With the official winter season knocking on our doors, it’s time to start thinking about driving conditions. Yes, the dreaded winter driving. From ice storms to slushy, messy, snow-covered roads, tires can make a difference in your journey. As simple as this concept seems, there is much misinformation floating around.


As the number one Massachusetts tire shop, our experts at Framingham Tires tend to hear the same question. Does the type of tire on my vehicle even matter? Yes, they do. Here’s why.


All-Season Tires

Arguably the most popular type of tire for any vehicle is the all-season tire. All-seasons are known for superior dependability in dry, wet, and snowy road conditions. Beyond their year-round reliability, all-seasons also tend to be the more budget-friendly solution – a win for any household or company running a fleet. 


Instead of buying two sets of tires (one for summer and one for winter), you can purchase one set that provides superior safety and performance no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.


Snow Tires

However, for some people, having two sets of tires is the better option. While your summer tires allow for optimal street performance, snow tires are designed from softer rubber to grip snow and ice during the worst of conditions. In fact, in many instances, snow tires far outperform all-season tires.

But again, if you opt for snow tires, you will have to invest in a second pair for the summer months as they are not designed for year-round driving. 

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While there are certainly options in winter tire selection, it’s crucial to remember that ‘winter tires’ is the key phrase. Whether all-season or snow, Massachusetts tires matter when Mother Nature decides to provide us her finest. Each type of tire offers pros and cons, so the choice is yours. Please feel free to stop by Framingham Tires to speak with one of our experts if you are unsure which tire is the best fit for your vehicle. We are happy to take the time to learn your driving style and make recommendations that may work for you and your family.


Framingham Tires is located at 240 Eliot Street in Ashland, Massachusetts. We look forward to making your winter driving a safer experience.

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