Stick to Your Auto Repair Schedule

Stick to Your Auto Repair Schedule

The best way to keep your car or truck on the road for as long as possible is to keep up with the auto repair schedule. In addition to getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles (or 5,000 for synthetic oil), every vehicle has a maintenance schedule that you should stick to.


Here is the basic maintenance schedule for most vehicles so that you can stay on top of your auto repair needs.


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15,000 Miles

Your vehicle should still be in pretty good shape after 15,000 miles, but there are things you should check. Most importantly, you should check all the fluids and top off any that are low. You should also check your tire pressure and rotate them so that they wear evenly. Check your brake pads as well and replace them if necessary.


30,000 Miles

 At 30,000 miles, you should redo the 15,000-mile check. Additionally, there are parts and systems that you should inspect. Look at your suspension and cooling systems and inspect all your belts and hoses for cracks. At this point, your tires may have worn down as well. Replace them in pairs if the tread is too worn.


60,000 Miles

In addition to all the services and checks from the previous intervals, 60,000 miles is usually when your hoses and belts start to go. Even if they are still functioning, they are nearing the end of their useful life, and you want to replace them before they break. You also want a thorough inspection of your driveshaft and steering system.


90,000 Miles

Again, once you reach 90,000 miles, you want to repeat everything from the previous service intervals. But there are some more checks you should also do. Once your vehicle reaches this mileage, you should replace the spark plugs and spark plug wires. At this time, you should also check the battery to ensure that it can hold a charge.


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Auto Repair and Maintenance at Framingham Tire

At Framingham Tire, we handle truck and fleet maintenance, as well as auto repair for personal vehicles. If your car is coming up on an important mileage milestone, come to us, and our technicians will keep your car or truck roadworthy!


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