Does Your Vehicle Axle Need Repair?

Does Your Vehicle Axle Need Repair?

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When it comes to car axle repair, Framingham Tire can help take care of the issue. We’re the stop shop for auto repair in Natick, MA! If the axel is damaged, your car may not get very far (if at all!). Why is this? The axle consists of rods and shafts that connect to your drive wheels.


The power from the transmission can move to the wheels, moving your vehicle. Therefore, if the axle is damaged, you could be stranded. Here are a few common signs that you may need axle repair.


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Signs You Need Axle Auto Repair in Natick, MA



Have you hit a pothole a little too hard? Perhaps accidentally went over an unexpected curb? These types of actions can damage your vehicle over time. If you notice a bad vibration after, it could mean that your has axle damage. Furthermore, if any vibration is paired with difficult turning, slow acceleration, or wobbling tires, you should bring your car into the shop to get looked at!


Clunking Noises


Cars make noises. But some can be worse than others! If you are noticing strange clunking, clanking, or grinding noises, there is probably something wrong with your axle. These types of noises are often associated with the transmission not being able to transfer power to the wheels properly. Loose or failing joints often cause this.




Are there areas underneath your vehicle that are leaking grease? This could mean that your axle boot could be giving you problems. While the grease itself doesn’t mean the axle is damaged, but without adequate grease and lubrication, the axel can wear out over time. Dirt and other road debris can make their way in through a broken axle boot and result in heavy damage.


Slow Movin’


Have you noticed that your car is moving very slowly, or even not at all? If your car starts fine and goes into gear but still refuses to move, your axle could be at fault.  No amount of acceleration will get your car anywhere with a broken axel!


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Auto Repair in Natick, MA at Framingham Tire


When it comes to auto repair in Natick, MA, you have several options of where to go. However, only a few offer the decades of experience that Framingham Tires brings to the table.


For more information on why Framingham Tire & Auto Repair should be your go-to Natick mechanic, give us a call today at (508) 872-5600.


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