What is Checked During a MA State Inspection?

What is Checked During a MA State Inspection?

As many of us know, once a year when our birthday rolls around, we are required by law to have our vehicle inspected and registered.  However, how much do we really know about MA state inspection? Here at Framingham Tire, we offer our customers top of the line service backed by the knowledge of our professional team.  We will always keep you informed, so you know exactly what to expect when you bring your vehicle to us.  To begin, we’re giving you a little background inspections and what we are required to look for. 



In Massachusetts, there are roughly 1,800 licensed inspection stations.  Governed by a set of rules that must be followed in order to maintain licensing, each inspection begins with a visual check of the vehicle. Items such as license plate, vehicle description, and VIN are compared against the registration.  Once the visual inspection is complete, the inner workings will then be checked. The following items will all undergo rigorous testing to be sure they comply with state guidelines:

  • Emissions testing,
  • Brake operation testing 
  • Muffler and exhaust system noise and function
  • Steering and suspension testing
  • Horn operation 
  • Window cracks and tinting regulations
  • Lighting: taillights, headlights, directionals 
  • Tire wear, mounting, and height
  • Safety features: airbags and safety belts    
  • Fuel tank 



Similar to your everyday car, motorcycles must also pass the annual inspection.  With a lower cost, these inspections can only be completed at a licensed Class M motorcycle inspection station. Items such as the braking system, muffler and exhaust, steering, alignment, suspension, tires, horn, windshields, lighting, battery, fuel system, and body components will all be examined.



Defined, a commercial vehicle is one with a gross weight of over 10,001 pounds or can carry more than 15 passengers.  If the vehicle is used for the transportation of hazardous materials or has more than 5 wheels on the ground, it is also considered a commercial vehicle.  The inspection is similar to that of a regular vehicle inspection. However, additional checks will be done on the loading devices. The safety guidelines of a commercial vehicle will also differ from a motorcycle and regular inspection.


MA state inspection


For more information on MA state inspection guidelines, you can visit for a complete list of inspectable vehicles and their requirements.  Once you’re ready to obtain that new sticker, give Framingham Tire a call at (508) 872-0172 to schedule your appointment!  

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