Winter Is Coming. It’s Time to Evaluate Your Tires

Winter Is Coming. It’s Time to Evaluate Your Tires

As the premier tire shop in MA, our team at Framingham Tires knows the ins and outs of winter driving. From all-season to all-terrain, snow to performance, knowing the difference between tires is crucial to your winter driving experience. However, we find that many people don’t understand the tire situation! Not to fret, that’s what you have us for! In this article, we’re providing you with a brief overview of the types of tires and which ones are best suited for New England winters.



Best in dry conditions, performance tires provide exactly what you’re guessing – the ultimate performance. From road grip to high speeds, performance tires are not suited for every vehicle and every driver. Depending on your driving style and the experience you’re looking for, these tires may be the perfect solution – however, you’ll want to have a second type of tire handy for the winter months.


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Undoubtedly the most popular choice, the all-season tire, is known for its dependability no matter what the weather tosses your way. From the steamiest of summer days to the heaviest snowfalls, all-season tires will carry you safely from point A to point B. Furthermore, this type of tire tends to be the most budget-friendly. Unlike other types, when investing in all-season, the need for a second pair of tires is generally eliminated.




If terrain is your primary focus combined with the ultimate off-road experience, all-terrain tires are the way to go. From mud to snow, these tires provide superior traction and grip. However, the deep tread creates a significant road noise and a more bumpy ride – not the ideal situation for all.


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Finally, let’s move onto winter. It’s happening, it’s around the corner, and you need to be prepared. Your tires are the one element between you and the road – driving around on tires best suited for other conditions is not ideal. While snow (or winter) tires are designed to handle slick, snow-packed roads, they’re similar to performance in design.

However, if you opt for winter tires, be ready to invest in a second type as these types are not suitable for summer roads.


If you’re looking for a one-stop tire shop in MA, make Framingham Tires your next call. With decades of industry experience, our team can help you understand and choose the best type of tires for your driving requirements. With hundreds of in-house styles, you can have confidence that you’ll drive away prepared for the upcoming winter.

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